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Get involved

We are always keen to involve volunteers from any walk of life, with any skills or interests, to join us in our work. These may vary from an ad hoc project or a regular commitment, however big or small. The list is endless, but the suggestions below are a few areas where you might contribute. Please do contact us if you have ideas or want to do something to help.

Scrabble tiles that spell out of the word "support"

Join PEM Council

You can become a Trustee or simply help to run PEM Friends with us. We are keen to have a small, but very committed group of people with ideas, some skills and energy to deliver.

Run a region

It doesn't involve a lot. But we hope to have a few regional groups across the UK who can organise the occasional meeting and crate a community of PEM Friends within a specific area.

Run an ad hoc project

It could be a fund raising idea, such as a sponsored run or even a car boot sale. Or it could be a task, such as printing off labels or writing an article.

Help with our communiations

We have a small group of contributors to the website and to the bi-yearly magazine. It may involve editing text, proof reading, chasing up copy, posting out material or even writing articles.

Talk to local groups

You may be able to offer in building the awareness of our conditions. Care Homes and GP surgeries are places where the level of understanding of autoimmune blistering diseases needs some help.

Distribute posters and leaflets

Ask your Dentist/GP practice/hospital/clinic/care home, etc if you can out up a poster or leave a few leaflets.

Tell us your experiences

Tell us about your experiences in the NHS and the names and addresses of clinicians we can include in any correspondence.

Give us your feedback

We love to hear from people about how we can improve or what you like or don't like about our work.

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